Conceive a Boy

Are you hoping to conceive a boy?  This is where you want to be!  You can boost your chances of getting pregnant with a boy — science has proven that mothers can have an influence on the gender of their baby.

Please remember that no natural gender selection method is 100% guaranteed, but you can plan a gender sway that will greatly boost the odds that you’ll get a handsome little man :)

Baby Boy Basics

Trying to sort through all of the information you find on natural gender selection and conceiving a boy can be very overwhelming.  The pure overload of information, much of it conflicting, leaves your head spinning!  What should you concentrate on?  What actually works?

There’s no “magic formula” to get pregnant with a boy, but there are several factors that are worth getting more info on.  You should focus on the areas of your life and lifestyle that you can change and that have proven to have an effect on the gender of your little one.

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Like I said above, there’s a lot of different information out there about swaying, and diet is no different.  But diet is one of the most important things to plan out as you’re discovering how to conceive a boy.

You’ve probably heard a lot about how you need a lot of salt and potassium to get a little boy.  You’ve also probably read that you should avoid calcium and magnesium, which are “girl” nutrients.  You should plan to increase salt and potassium, but studies conclusively show that mothers who get more calories and more nutrients overall have more boys.  This includes moms drinking whole milk and eating full-fat dairy.

Higher calories, high nutrients = more boys.


Exercise is a good factor for all gender sways.  When you try for a boy you want to focus on strength training, strength training, and more strength training.  Avoid cardio routines.

It’s important to remember that anything that causes you to lose weight can trigger your body to think that you should have a girl!  If you want to lose weight, do so before your start trying to conceive.  Your weight training should actually build muscle mass and it’s OK if you gain a little weight as you do it.

Cervical Fluid and PH Levels

You usually change PH levels when you’re working on your cervical fluid, so I’ve put these two together.  The environment inside of your reproductive tract has an influence on which sperm have the best chance of getting to your egg.  It’s important to understand that we know for sure that all sperm are the same and they all swim at the speed — this is different than what used to be thought about sperm and gender selection.

PH can be acidic or alkaline, and to get a little boy you want to be more alkaline.  You also want to have plenty of fertile cervical fluid (cervical mucus).  These conditions nourish and boost the Y-bearing, or baby boy making, sperm!

Hormones are another factor to consider. Your diet and exercise routine influences your hormones, and there are other lifestyle choices to make so you get pregnant with a boy.

For a little man you want to have high levels of the sex hormones.  That means high testosterone and high estrogen (your husband should have high testosterone and low estrogen).

Because you’re eating a high calorie diet and strength training, along with taking steps to increase your cervical fluids, you’re increasing your sex hormones.  This makes you more fertile overall, so getting pregnant generally happens faster when you’re trying to conceive a boy.

Get a free email mini-series on how to conceive a boy (covering diet, supplements, exercise, and more)… plus get our Eat Pink ~ Eat Blue downloadable guide. Just enter your email address below: