Supplements That Help You Conceive a Boy

Research studies show that what the environment inside your is like has a big influence on if you conceive a boy.  There are lots of ways you can work to change your body, but supplements are one of the easiest ways to get your body more boy-friendly.  There are vitamins, minerals, and herbs to consider.  Each has a different effect, but they can all boost your chances of getting pregnant with a boy.

Please do your own research before you start taking any supplement.  You need to look into each supplement and make sure it will work for you.  Each supplement I list below is safe when taken at appropriate dosage levels, but you should still decide on what combination you want to take and what will be safe for you while you’re trying to conceive.

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Supplements for a Boy

Folic Acid:  Take folic acid no matter what you’re hoping for — boy or girl.  This nutrient is the synthetic version of folate, so if you can find a folate supplement take that instead.  You get all the same benefits as you get from folic acid and more since your body doesn’t have to try and convert it.

Gelatin:  You want to boost your testosterone and build muscle for a boy — and gelatin is a good choice for this.  It’s packed with amino acids and helps you digest food.  This is great since you want to absorb all nutrients that you can… diets high in nutrients and calories increase your chances of getting a boy.

Fish Oil:  This is an overall fertility booster that will raise your pH levels.  Cod liver oil is a great choice, especially if you combine it with a high-quality fish oil (salmon oil is best) that boosts your Omega-3 levels.  You want high vitamins (from the cod liver oil) and the EPA, DHA, etc. from the salmon oil.

Royal Jelly or Bee Pollen:  Remember you need to avoid this if you have a bee allergy.  Otherwise, this is a great supplement to boost fertility.  It balances hormones and increases your pH.  It’s also good for producing quality cervical mucus, which helps you get pregnant with a boy.

Tribulus Terrestris: a respected herb well-known to help boost the sex hormones.  You want these high when you’re trying to conceive a boy.

Maca: Maca is another hormone balancer, which increases your fertility (remember, you want to do that for a boy) It’s actually food, a root vegetable, and you can take it in a powdered format, many moms like smoothies. Use it until you get a positive pregnancy test, then work it out of your diet.

Red Raspberry Leaf: You normally drink this in a tea form, it’s a general fertility tonic and helps during your pregnancy.  It can help increase levels of fertile fluids while you’re trying to conceive.

Guaifenesin: Probably the best supplement to quickly boost fertile mucus (take it only around ovulation).  It helps loosen all fluids in the body.  You want to take it in tablets by itself, avoid cough syrups containing it.

Vitex: Only consider Vitex (chasteberry) if you have irregular cycles and need to normalize them before trying to conceive.  It’s thought to increase chances of a girl, but if you can take it then wean off to normalize cycles you may want to consider it.

Blessed Thistle:  This herb is very high in potassium and sodium, both of which are important for conceiving a boy.  Take while TTC, then slowly taper it off for a couple of weeks after you get pregnant.

As you can see, there are lots of chooses to boost your chance of getting pregnant with a boy.  Most boy supplements also boost your overall fertility, and many are safe to keep taking throughout your pregnancy.

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