Your Hormones and Swaying For a Boy

Are you hoping for a son? Many people hope to choose the gender of their baby so they’ll have the chance to parent a child of both genders. Some want to have their babies in a certain order, and some even feel most comfortable with one gender over the other.

Whatever the reason for you, you’ll be happy to know that science shows it’s possible to naturally influence the gender of your baby. In this article I’ll show you hormones that may increase your chances of conceiving a boy:

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We normally think of testosterone as a male hormone, but both men and women have testosterone. Women have far less than men, but women with higher levels have more sons.Testosterone is an important hormone for men, with levels around eight times higher than that found in females. The hormone causes the male voice to lower, helps men to develop stronger muscles, and it triggers sperm production. Production begins to increase to adult levels when a boy goes through puberty and typically begins to decline when a man enters his forties.

A woman’s testosterone is produced by the ovaries. It’s thought that it begins to rise around the end of a woman’s menstrual cycle, building gradually throughout the first half of the next cycle. It peaks with ovulation. A woman experiences increased libido during this time. After ovulation testosterone levels drop. It’s believed that testosterone levels increase as a woman enters menopause.


Estrogen is an infamous hormone, blamed for just about everything female. Everybody likes to say that women are hormonal and emotional, and estrogen gets the brunt of the blame.

Estrogen works to help trigger the female cycle to begin moving towards ovulation. It peaks several days before ovulation and drops as other hormones begin to surge.It may seem like since estrogen is a “female” hormone that it would influence the conception of a girl, but the opposite is true. When testosterone and estrogen are both high, scientific evidence indicates that the conception of a boy is far more likely.


Scientific evidence strongly indicates that hormones can be used to select the gender of your baby. High levels of estrogen and testosterone have been shown to favor the conception of boys. Other sex hormones, the gonadotropins and progesterone favor conception of a girl. It should be noted that when gonadotropin hormones are administered to a man the result is a boost in testosterone. So a man with high testosterone or receiving gonadotropic or testosterone therapy is more likely to father a son. A man with low testosterone rates overall will most likely father daughters.

Observation has shown these patterns to be consistent in both animals and humans. Sometimes lifestyle factors can cause changes (for example, if the mother or father smoke a female conception is more likely), but on the whole we know that the hormone levels of the mother and father can and do influence the gender of the child conceived.

Studies of the gender results after artificial insemination show that boys are conceived more at the very beginning of a mother’s fertile window and also directly around ovulation. At the beginning of the fertile window estrogen levels are extremely high, and testosterone is beginning to build. A couple of days later estrogen levels plummet as gonadotropin levels rise (leading to a likely girl conception). As ovulation happens, however, these gonadotropins have dropped to below the level of estrogen and testosterone levels are at their highest. These hormone profiles line up directly with the gender results of artificial insemination.

These results and various other scientific observations make a powerful case for hormone levels and their ability to influence the gender of a child.

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