Diet to Conceive a Girl

One of the biggest and most important changes you can make as you plan for your daughter is what you eat.  A diet to conceive a girl can make a huge impact on your success in swaying the odds for a pink bundle of joy!

There’s plenty of proof that you can improve your chances of getting the gender you want through what you eat, though theories on which diet is best vary a bit.  I’ll go over a few options on this page.

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Minerals and Conceiving a Girl

Many researchers have looked at specific mineral levels and how they influence what gender a mom conceives.  The minerals that seem to produce more girls are magnesium and calcium. Boosting your levels of both minerals is a simple way to possibly sway the odds of getting a girl in your favor.

You can get more calcium by having more dairy products.  High levels of calcium are found in all dairy products — yogurt and hard cheeses are a particularly good idea.  Leafy green veggies have also been found to have high calcium levels.

Please note that while research consistently backs up high potassium and sodium leading to more boy conceptions, some research is conflicted on calcium and magnesium levels for girls.  Some researchers think that high overall nutrient levels (including calcium and magnesium) can boost your chances for a boy.

Your pH Levels and Girls

The human body is most comfortable when it’s slightly alkaline.  Research has shown, however, that more girls are conceived when the body is slightly more acid.  You can change your body’s pH levels with the foods you eat!

Pick vegetables and other foods that are more acidifying to help your body stay more acid.  Watch out, though.  Some foods seem acid but actually make the body more alkaline.  Lemons are an example.  The body works so quickly to neutralize the acid from these foods that they raise the overall alkaline environment in the body.

Peanut butter, brown rice, and many sweets cause your body to be more acid.  Milk and eggs can also have an acidifying effect, though raw milk is thought to be more alkaline.  These foods fit in with the mineral and pH theories.

Baby Girls Don’t Need as Many Calories

A girl needs fewer calories throughout her entire life, starting even from the moment of conception!  Researchers have found that moms who have girls tend to consume fewer calories than those who have boys — hundreds less!  Drop your calorie levels to around 1,500 to 1,800 calories per day.  This can greatly increase your chances of getting a girl.  Be careful; going lower than these levels can start to stress your body and health and may make it impossible for you to get pregnant at all.

As I mentioned above, research has shown that when a mom is getting lower nutrient levels overall, she’s more likely to conceive a daughter.  You can sway the odds to increase your chances of getting a girl by taking in a bland, low-level nutrition diet.  If you choose to use this diet strategy, I would urge you to be careful.  You want to give your baby the best possible start.

Keep up with a maintenance level of protein and fat, but one that encourages weight loss.  There’s no doubt that losing weight increases your chances of getting a girl.  One possible weight loss diet is a low-carbohydrate, moderate protein and fat diet.  This can spur your body into losing weight, but keep you getting some nutrients for your baby’s health.  Switch to a nutrient dense pregnancy diet as soon as you conceive.

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